Hey Yad here…

Would you like to be able to approach, attract and eventually sleep with any woman you want?

I’m talking about the type you truly want in your life and in your own time, whenever you feel like it. No more waiting all day so that you pay to get into a loud meat market in the night and get drunk in hope of something happening with girls who are head to toe in misleading cosmetics.

I meet my beautiful women in their natural skin, in real environments like the streets, shopping centres, parks, public transport, bookstores, supermarkets, coffee shops, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of, and my well-documented results all over the internet lay testament to my abilities.


Day Game Blueprint

I teamed up with Daygame.com to produce thee most comprehensive step by step program and pretty much the industry standard as far as Daygame is concerned.

It shows you absolutely everything you need from approaching to closing and even bounce backs (taking her from the street to your bedroom in one fell sweep).

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The Yad Show

Follow me as I run through the streets of…well everywhere!

Me and my camera man set out all daymeeting and flirting with women in tons of different countries, get up to all sorts with them and most importantly close the fittest babes :) Follow my antics and learn how I do my thang.

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One-on-One Private Coaching

Session lasts from 12pm to 8pm, you will see me in my natural form and learn via osmosis as I demonstrate everything I speak about, even taking a girl on an instant date together, as I want you fully absorbing my vibe and the subtleties which can’t be picked up by just watching my videos.

Then it’ll be your turn to get practicing before my eyes, as I examine and tweak your interactions using hi tech equipment to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

Cost: £750 (1 Full Day – 8 hours) Or £1,400 (2 Day Intensive – 16 hours)

Skype Coaching

Maybe you can’t get too much time off work or you just need 10 questions answered on daygame, or have your daygame recordings analysed down to a T, then I have the perfect package for you via a one on one consultation on Skype.

Cost: £135 (1 hour credit)

Total Immersion

Spend a week in total immersion with me, the ultimate way to pick up the Yad vibe and learn daygame in its truest form. Price depends on various factors, so please get in touch for more information.

Cost: Contact Me



8 hours of non-stop infield approaching with my top trainers. The basic package is a great option if you just want the basics to intermediate stuff handled, which you can then build on by taking a session with me for a more advanced learning experience.

Cost:  £450 (1 Full Day - 8 hours) or £750 (2 Day Intensive - 16 hours)

Here are some more details on my trainers:



Upon meeting Brock, his skills were obvious to me from the get-go. He has natural charm which he assures me has been achieved through self development, and i saw girls take to it like fat kids to candy. He was a fast learner and after putting in some remarkable hard work in the field in his native Canada, he has become a smooth operator when it comes to chatting up women in the day. Furthermore, he has a really great teacher vibe that will make learning with him easy and thoroughly worth your time and money.

JOZZY (London)


Jozzy is a rising star on the Daygame scene. Cutting his teeth in the hardcore fashion of trial and error and hard earned experience out in the field. Which really shows in his insight and teaching.

He has quickly made a name for himself on the London scene and I am continuously impressed by his ridiculous skills and solid results.




Date Location Trainers Price Book Now
17th and 18th March London Yad £850 BOOK NOW
24th and 25th March New York Yad £950 BOOK NOW
7th and 8th April New York Yad £950 BOOK NOW

What's Included?

  • 16 Hours over 2 days of infield coaching by my top instructors
  • High definition film analysis of your interactions on both days
  • Wireless microphones, to give you instant feedback at all times
  • Demonstration by the instructors of teaching points
  • A 2:1 student to instructor ratio for a deeper level of training

Learn how to...

  • Convert paralysis into instinctive action. No more crippeling fear when thinking about the approach.
  • The right way to stop a woman so that she feels safe, excited and actually sticks arond
  • Learn to approach stationary targets in shops, train stations, malls, cafés etc.
  • Smoothly approach moving targets without making a fool of yourself or scaring the girl
  • Aftercare via whatsapp for the next few days to cover any questions that pop up
  • How to get a girl’s number and take things to the next level, from text to date
  • How to get a girl’s number and take things to the next level, from text to date


So who the hell is Yad?about-img

I’m known as a guy who will happily get a girl that 99% of men will just walk past, simply by going up to her, striking up a conversation and acting upon my intentions as a man.

This has come to feel completely natural to me than the way I was always told (you know, by society) that I had to meet women by waiting for the right accidental occasion or completely inebriated in a loud and dark theatre called a nightclub where everyone is being anything but themselves.

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I’m all over the place these days so keep an eye out as I’ll be available for one-on-one training sessions.

Now: Traveling around in Europe, get in touch for more info